There’s becoming a disturbing trend in the social media age that is really grinding my gears, honey. Grown ass children! We’ve seen everything from superstar kids like Reginae Carter and Brielle Biermann step in beefs on behalf of their parents to those infamous Facebook videos with children fighting adults. Quite frankly, I’m sick of the shit.

Let me say that to say this, this is not an attack on anyone’s child. Children indeed are off limits, BUT, if you are grown enough to try an adult you are old enough to get your ass whipped by one since y’all new momma’s and daddies won’t do it! Brielle tweeted about Kenya Moore in relation to her mother Kim’s beef with Kenya, but honestly it’s not your grown ass child’s place to do that.

I’ve seen my momma fall out with people or have disagreements with people and although I love my momma I knew it was not my business and I was scared she would beat my ass. So what did my ass do? Stay in my room and memorize those Destinys Child routines because baby I KNEW MY PLACE!

So for any grown ass children that like to do everything but stay in their place I suggest when they do decide to run to their parents to clean their messes y’all welcome them with open arms and a belt to that ass.

So what do y’all think? Whose fault is this? What’s a grown ass child’s place?

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