Was Phaedra Set Up?

So tonight Apollo Nida’s fiance Sherian Almufti will finally make her long awaited appearance on tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. So let’s talk about it. In the sneak preview Sherien walks in (looking like a 10lb sausage in a 5lb bag), to represent Apollo at his friend’s grand opening. There are so many layers of mess and complication to this story. Let’s get into it, honey!

Now let me preface that with this, I don’t care for Phaedra Parks as a character within RHOA. My judgements are based on what we’re presented in each episode and I can honestly see them wanting to bust Ms. Parks for every low down, underhanded, lying, dirty, and fraudulent scheme she has devised over her 7 seasons with the cast. However, they come out looking worse in this instance. Kandi had that SAME look on her face as she did back in season 7 when Gocha just so happened to be there the night Demetria was and spilled tea that she dated Roger Bobb too. Clearly a set up.

Sherien is a Licensed Realtor in Pennsylvania and has some how found herself engaged to the biggest master manipulator in RHOA history (and that’s saying a lot). Although some think it’s messy that she was there, in the real world I could see why she got an invite. Apollo and Todd are boys, so naturally Todd is going to accept anyone that Apollo accepts. Todd gets a pass.. FOR NOW.

Kandi say’s she invited Phaedra, but Phaedra ended up respectfully declining the invitation to the grand opening. Here’s what I want to damn know. Did Kandi know that Sherien would be present? If so that makes her just as messy as she proclaims Phaedra to be. Surely she had to have known since Todd is in Atlanta more often since the inception of the OLG Restaurant and I’m sure they have a nightly session of bonnet chronicles before retiring to the sex dungeon for the evening. So I’m gonna with the my gut and say that Kandi KNEW and was in on the set up.

Kandi and Todd, I want y’all to bust Phaedra’s ass too, but this wasn’t the way. Sometimes you gotta put it in God’s hands baby and keep eating the Kandi Koated chicken wings down to the OLG. Every dog has his day, and Phaedra’s will come at the reunion.

Now, in a group of friends, if a couple within the group splits, is it okay for both of the to move forward with their lives and introduce new partners into that group as well. In all fairness now that Phaedra is the odd man out (seeing as Kenya and Kandi REALLY don’t like her, and Cynthia and Sheree couldn’t really give a damn whether she’s there or not) is appropriate to replace Phaedra with Sherien in the group and continue forward since Phaedra’s only REAL connection is with Porsha, to whom is as equally as hated if not more by the rest of the group?

Child, it’s a messyville, y’all tell me what you think!

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