What REALLY Went Down at the Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood Premiere Party

It went down at the Twelve in Atlantic Station last night as Stevie J & Joseline hosted a premiere party for their new show Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood. There was L&HH fam in the building as Cisco was in the building. Now, let me go to bat for this man. TV doesn’t really do him justice. He’s much more handsome and charming in person as he had quite a few ladies lining up to take pictures with him, but on the other side of the room not too far away was Diamond Strawberry. I didn’t see anyone lining up to take pictures with her ass, but she was there. Heeyyy, Diamond! Also there from L&HH was Mimi (who looked gorgeous in a 70’s boho chic look and denim bell bottoms), Rasheeda & Kirk, and Deb Antney who by far provided one of the best moments of the night.

Photo Credit: Jamal Singleton New York

So you want to work for Deb (that would be an amazing fucking show by the way)? One way to ensure your ass of not getting hired is to ask for a job and a picture for the Gram in the same breath. Deb shut the poor young lady down.. over and over again. When I worked for Lisa Nicole Cloud, I don’t think I EVER took a picture with her. Are you a fan, or are you here to work and get your dreams and goals accomplished? I’m sure she’ll never make that mistake again.

Others in attendance were Kandis manager Don Juan who I guess now is a celebrity after getting in all of the “women’s bizness” this season on RHOA, and Kelly Price.

On the inside we were greeted to an opening by Stevie’s band and a serenade by Stevie J. While Joseline seemingly excused herself from the activities for the rest of the evening.

The show itself was pretty entertaining with lots of references to beef cakes, cutty cats, and the usual we’ve come to love from Stevie and Joseline and the show looks like it’ll be interesting as the storyline is designed to have you rooting for the Puerto Rican princess.


The Q&A was really interesting as Stevie stated that he was working not only on albums for Diddy, Faith Evans and Kelly Price, but he is also in a production unit that comprises of Diddy, Mario Winans, and Kanye West. This is exciting news and we’ll see if anything that quartet came up with lands on Kanye’s new album SWISH in February.

Afterwards Stevie, Joseline, and their entire crew were at the bar area at the Twelve buying their crew whatever they wanted. My thirsty ass sat, looked at the menu, and then left for karaoke where I could actually afford the drinks. All-in-all it was a pretty relaxed night that went by fairly drama free.

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