Some Kenya Moore Haircare Party Tea

So me and my good judy Megan decided to pump it on down to Kenya’s Haircare launch this past summer for a filming of RHOA. Now, personally, I don’t really care for Kenya Moore that much anymore. Why might you ask? I’ve been invited to numerous events that she’s attended, while in a work capacity or otherwise, and see the way she treats anyone who isn’t on television, or kissing her ass.

First interraction:
Kandi’s Ski Trip premiere party at Suite Lounge. I compliment her gold quilt Chanel handbag, she looks at me as if I’m a mirror and she see’s puss coming out of her blackheads.

Second interraction:
HIV/AIDS event at the Fox Theatre featuring Patti LaBelle, Common, and Al Sharpton. I interviewed Rev. Al Sharpton, Kelly Price, Jasmine Guy, Towanda Braxton, Gary W/ Da Tea, Miss Lawrence, Derek J, and the Prancing Elites, amongst others and Kenya Moore twirls in, brushes past every news outlet, and only does an interview with her good judy. Normally, this wouldn’t bother me as much, but if you scroll through past RHOA recaps, I take up for Kenya, I rationalize her crazy delusions, and pretty much have twirled alongside her since Season 5, so yes, I was upset and dismayed that she wouldn’t even stop to figure out who the outlets were on the carpet.

Third interraction:
Passing each other in the hallway, she smiles, compliments my outfit, and continues about her day.

Now, as we can see, for me to have a vivid memory of these three separate instances means they were engraved into my mind. Hell, I almost went on an interview to be her assistant last year, but thankfully was talked into accepting a job with Lisa Nicole Cloud at the time instead.

So lo and behold, after about 4 free Courvosier’s later, the reality television gods bless me by sending a hot and bothered Porsha Williams and newbie Shamea Morton to the same table me and Megan are at, and MEGAN decides to spill the tea to the ladies about it being water in those bottles! BAM, the cameras are up, the boom mic is down, and off to the races we went. Yes, that big burst of laughter by the ladies came after I tried to be as supportive as possible, congratulating Kenya on having two products that fit her brand. Kenya Moore Haircare Conditioner Lotion, so she will no longer be ashy, and Kenya Moore Haircare Shampoo Water, so she’ll never be thirsty again.

We all laughed, and I was happy to see that Porsha was NOT taking the bait, but that didn’t stop Shamea as she not only drunk the Shampoo Water, but she also pulled Kenya aside to lowkey confront her about the lack of product in the pretty bottles.

In retrospect, maybe I needed to drink some Shampoo Water, because not only was I hot, but thirsty for a reason to fall back in love with Twirl again.

Other things that happened, was that brief ass cameo by Claudia Jordan, who looked like she wanted to film. I think that night was her realization that it was all over. It was the night Amiyah Scott popped up and did a very brief scene with Kandi.

It was the only scene I attended this season on RHOA, as quite honestly, I looked around and saw all the same gays that go to the tapings, that all are desperately looking to be chosen by one of the ladies to be their good gay, and I’ve been there and done that with Married to Medicine. If God is going to bless me with a platform like that, I know he’ll do it because I deserve to be there.

Photo credit: Reality Wives

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