Life in Atlanta Vol. 2

I was debating between whether I wanted to talk about friendship or finances in this installment. I’m actually still debating that as I type so if I go into a bit of both then cut me some slack. Actually, I won’t talk about either today, I’ll talk about celebrity blogging. Honey, there’s a line between love and hate. I’ve always maintained that my blog wasn’t to report the news, but rather to comment on the news. I’ve always had sharp opinions about everything in life. So a blog was a natural progression. I remember being a teenager I would always have to have the last word with my mother and this led to some pretty chaotic situations for a young closeted gay trying to find his way in life. My older cousin encouraged me to pick up a pen and write my feelings down. Basically, my feelings at the time where “F THAT B” this, “F THAT B” that. Being the busy body she is, my mother was in my room and found the damn journal. Needless to say I got my ass kicked.

What am I saying? I guess being a “celebrity gossip blogger” is the same thing when you stay in the same city as the majority of the people you have opinions on. I have carefully chosen my words over the last few months as I not only have offended these “stars” but also friends as well. Honestly, I didn’t really care until I myself began filming with certain ladies and building relationships with cast and crew alike.

Although I love to spill the tea about the behind the scenes workings of this show and that show, or that one lady wears to much fucking make up and is a pretty big bitch to the regular people, those articles come with an ass kicking as well. You have to be fearless and you can’t give a shit what they think because if they didn’t give enough of a shit to be these horrible people, then why should I give a shit. Well, that’s a problem when you’re scaling the same ranks and ladders they’ve climbed to get where they are. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and when you’re on the bottom of those ladders you can quickly become Alpo.

Am I bitching up? Noooooo… but I have to be mindful of these things. This blog has given me opportunities, and thanks to a couple of hating ass people, taken some away as well. I guess you never really know whether the bridges you’re building are fire proof until they’re burnt. How many dollars are in my pocket you may ask? $18.01, that’s a step up from the last article I wrote with only $2 in my pocket.

God works in mysterious ways, and I’ve learned to stop trying to solve the mystery and let it all work itself out.

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