Karlie Redd To Bust It Wide Open for Playboy

Billionaire Booty!
Billionaire Booty!

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s: Karlie Redd is gonna lay it low and spread it wide for Playboy via their online affiliate Playboy Plus! Redd will do a spread showing just why Yung Joc couldn’t get enough of that 50 year-old kutty kat! Interestingly enough, Redd admits that she had been offered a sex tape deal from their producers of Mimi and Nikko’s shower rod sexcapade, Vivid Entertainment, but turned them down.

“[A sex tape] is on a whole different level, but I didn’t even question Playboy. I want to do everything Playboy again and again. It’s sexy, classy and everything to me.”

Redd continues:

“They say 40 is the new 20 – that’s how I feel. I’m like a big kid, but I’m a big sexy kid. Madonna still tours and she looks gorgeous so if she can do it, I can do it,”

This comes after Karlie’s daughter leaked her age, saying her mother was 37! Eitherway, big ups to Karlie for securing the spread and hopefully this means we can go another season without hearing more of that “Gucci, Louis, Prada. Pop them tags” mess she called music in Season 1.

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