Porsha/Cynthia Rolling On A River

These two heifers think it’s Mortal Kombat.

Honey, I wasn’t going to comment on this one, but something in my heart, something in my heart’s got me hooked on it. By now I’m sure most of you know that Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams of RHOA got into a physical altercation on Lake Lanier this past weekend. The teas allegedly have it that Porsha and Cynthia were arguing pretty about stupid shit as usual and Cynthia tried twirl off in the spirit of the Wicked Witch of the South, Kenya Moore, when Porsha followed closely behind her yelling all sorts of obscenities at the woman. Well, sometimes you gotta get a bitch up off of you, and Cynthia allegedly kicked Porsha dead in the gut!

Now, here’s my take on this. This seems awkwardly familiar to Kenya vs. Porsha, where Porsha drug Kenya like a ragdoll and everyone took Porsha’s side because they felt she was provoked by Kenya. So when this airs what will the excuse be if Porsha comes off ass the aggressor? In my opinion there will be none. Just as Porsha felt “threatened” by Kenya and played the victim, I’m sure she will try and play the victim as she’s already been to the hospital and grabbed some pain meds. Can I get a by girl, fly girl please?

While I’m chatting RHOA. I was hoping for a lighter season like RHONY provided. We got arguments, drinks, one-night stands, cougars, and plenty of fun. THIS is what RHOA needed to be this season, but when I walked into the Kenya Moore Hair Care party, I just knew it was 10 messy ladies too many for that to ever happen.

I don’t watch the Housewives franchise to for Love and Hip Hop style action. I watch Love and Hip Hop for that. These ladies have never REALLY been classy, but this again is yet another low, and who’s the common denominator this time?

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