LVL XIII Fashion Exhibition

Honey, wigs were SNATCHED at the Westside Cultural Arts Center this past Thursday! “Why were they snatched?”, I’m sure you ask. Well, quite possibly the most fabulous fashion show I’ve attended since relocating took place in Atlanta and it was all filmed for VH1!

Courtesy Rolling Out
Courtesy Rolling Out

I have to tip my hats off to the organizers (KB Creative & Art Department PR), because they transformed that space into an amazing showcase for Antonio Brown’s footwear collection.

I do have the tea on the VH1 filming (you know I get my tea), but because I have a few buddies on the production staff, I’m not going to spill it, but one face in particular knows how to create interesting television, so I’m sure the show will fare pretty well. See, I do have SOME standards.

LVL XIII Creator Antonio Brown & Melanie Fiona
LVL XIII Creator Antonio Brown & Melanie Fiona

The event was hosted by Melanie Fiona and mama sung her ass off and is a site of beauty and wonder. Also in attendance were Bambi (Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta), my new judy LaKenya (Cutting in the ATL), Julian Walker of the movie Blackbird, and a couple of other faces that you might see on the Atlanta event scene. Antonio Brown is the creator of Luxury Footwear company LVL XIII (Level 13) and the presentation was exceptional. As much as I’d love to, I can’t throw any shade.. so, yeah, congratulations to Antonio.

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