RHOA Season 8 aka messyville


RHOA is a real messy ville in season 8 anyone who says they know what’s going on has no idea as MULTIPLE new women are filming for that peach one is a friend of Porsha’s, one is a friend of the LGBT Amiyah Scott, and one is true, blue, and tight like glue…. Kim Fields

Since I broke it.. and those reporting weren’t actually there, let’s shed some light on what happened.

Porsha & Friend
Kim Fields
Phaedra, Cynthia/Mal (around this time)

Amiyah did film with Kandi separately, and different variations of the women filmed with each other throughout the night.

Sources saying that Sheree was distant are wrong, she was in the mix and seemed to to gel with the women. Kandi ducked out early, it was hot, and she is pregnant.

Honestly, there’s no way of knowing who will be getting a peach outside of the regulars but it appears that Phaedra and Kim have hit it off already as they stayed pretty close to one another.

Claudia was there, but may have either been held off or wasn’t actually there to film because she didn’t.

Honestly, we should wait until the season progresses as normally by October they’ve narrowed down who they want to focus on.

I actually think Porsha’s friend in the yellow would be a fun addition to the cast. She seemed outgoing and comfortable.

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