Omarion and Moniece Slaughter share their thoughts on Sir Brock and Milan Gordy


Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood is on the tip of every tongue, honey, gay or straight. I’m inclined to think that this isn’t sheer brilliance by Monami and Eastern and definitely not pure ignorance by it’s various cast members weighing in on a gay storyline on the show.

Omarion was caught by TMZ and got slick wit it, claiming that they could keep that storyline far away from his. Honey, remind us, what IS your storyline (because last season we, the viewing public called it restroom time). I mean, I’m not no keyboard gangsta, but honey, your whole professional career as been riddled with gay allegation after gay allegation.

Let me tell you something about a REAL NIGGA. A real dude, doesn’t care who is gay and who is straight and wouldn’t hide behind thinly veiled passive aggressive shade to get his point across. Again, just about every main male player has had a gay allegation rock their brand, and if you wanted to shake it, why not film with these two and keep it moving?

Black Lives Matter, but so does black acceptance. If we as people of color can’t accept each other, make this money, and keep it moving, we’ll always be in the same place, no matter how many marches and protests we continue to have.


Right now, the men allegedly butt hurt (haha!) by this new storyline are doing more harm to their public image than good. Where the fuck are their publicists?

Oh, and Moniece, baby. If they wanna suck and fuck whoever they want and have indeed INFORMED those that they are sucking and fucking, and the ones being sucked AND fucked mutually agree. Keep it moving baby.

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