Openly gay rapper hits out at Love and Hip Hop Hollywood co-stars

I can distinctively remember asking Mimi Faust at an event why there weren’t any openly homosexual representatives cast on the shows, and mama was like “shit.. ask Mona”. Well it looks like Mona heard through the grapevine as Milan Christopher was cast for Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s second season which airs on VH1 starting September 7th.

I don’t know much about baby, but apparently he sings or raps and made a shitload of money in the teeth whitening business. Anywho, LHHH is trying to drum up the drama and it looks like they got their wish because Milan is already claiming that the male cast of R&B Divas Hollywood LHHH are refusing to tape with him, which he is citing as homophobia.

Named by outlets refusing to tape with Milan is Ray J, Mally Mal, and Soulja Boy who claim it’s not because of his sexuality, but that they think Milan and his boyfriend Sir Brock are just a ploy for ratings.


Everyone on that show is a fucking ploy for ratings! If production didn’t think you could bring the viewers you probably won’t be on it! Honey, the last time I listened to Soulja Boy, I was cranking dat in 2007, and Ray J, the ONLY song I’ve liked from you was the one with Lil’ Kim, and I only remember HER lyrics.

Don’t pull it, don’t try it. If you don’t wanna film, be real and state it’s because your brands have all in some way been connected to a homosexual rumor, and you ain’t trying to give it no validity, although blatant homophobia again makes those rumors relevant.


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