Lil’ Mo Begging For Gifts

Nah.. she isn’t really begging, but damn, she sure is specific. She is pregnant by her boxer hubby who we all met this past season on R&B Divas LA and tried it by requesting gift cards and PayPal transfers instead of taking 15 minutes and registering at Target.


Honey, I have a love/hate relationship with Mo. I love her music, but hate her on R&B Divas LA. This past season was pretty bad as didn’t she have anyone to naturally feud with, so she starts trouble out of nowhere with Chante Moore… again. It was so old, late, and dry (hey Dallas) that I just could not see it for her and would have rather her died her hair blue, platted it up, threw on a jersey dress and started singing hooks on Fabulous songs again.

I don’t know how much TV One pays. I’m sure it’s not hundreds of thousands like Bravo pays their Housewives, but they’re one of the top shows on the network so I’m sure she doesn’t need our Paypal transfers and gift cards. However, I could be wrong. It’s hard out here for a pimp, however, that shit just wasn’t cute.

I hope to good God that Chante brings this up next season because if the tables were reversed, Mo would have a problem with it, she’d use it for a storyline, and bitch about it all season and at the reunion too.

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