Baby what? Karlie Redd dating Lyfe Jennings… LMAO!

Honey, so I’m watching the stories and yes, it was the same episode of “As The Hood Turns” that we’ve grown to love and expect from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, however one thing in particular stuck with me. It wasn’t Stevie J setting up my sis Margeaux, not Kaleena crying lesbian crocodile tears over Rasheeda, hell, it wasn’t even Tammy auditioning to return to the show next season by fighting with Kaleena, but it was Karlie Redd provided the best laugh I had all fucking day!

During a trip to the nail salon with Joseline and Kaleena (hmm… last night was pretty Kaleena heavy now that I think of it), Karlie Redd casually mentions that she’s dating Lyfe. Girl, I was hoping they’d let her talk some more, and she then elaborates stating she has been dating Lyfe Jennings for a while now. Baby, when I tell you I spit all my damn wine out of my mouth! That is an early contender for laugh of the week. I mean, RIhanna say’s she found love in a hopeless place, but damn where did Karlie and Lyfe find each other? I thought the Atlanta gay club scene was hopeless, shit, apparently there are worse places I could find a dude!

So later in the episode, Karlie throws some event and conspires with Yung Joc’s baby mama SIna to get some revenge after Joc’s current girlfriend KD attacked Karlie and had her running like she was Florence Joyner around the dining room last season. Who interferes and talks sense into Karlie? Why Lyfe Jennings, that’s who! So Lyfe opens up and talks, and I swore I thought it was an intro for one of his new singles. Y’all couldn’t tell me that when Lyfe started talking it didn’t sound like an intro to one of his songs. I thought S.E.X. was gonna come on as he was scolding messy ass Karlie Redd!

Baby, I’m laughing as I type this one y’all. I am TRULY done!

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