Married to Medicine Blog #2

Married to Medicine Blog #2

Someone is.. #delusional
Someone is.. #delusional

Hey y’all, I’m sorry for the lack of updates, but last week was such a busy week! So many opportunities that I was able to share, and some that I have to keep to myself for the time being, but opportunity nonetheless!

So, I was featured in another scene on this season of Married to Medicine and I wanted to give my thoughts on what happened this go round. After Lisa Nicole got into the brawl with Quad, she swore there was a mole who was leaking documents to Quad. Now, as you see, I urged the team to keep it real and tell her just who did what because filming had gone on for about two hours, and honestly I was tired of hearing the same old thing! What we thought was a team meeting turned into an interrogation session that no one was dressed for.. well, except Lisa Nicole of course!

It will be interesting to see where we go from here because we ALL know who the “mole” is, but honey, the way this is shaping up it’s becoming one of those situations where you think you know, but you have NO idea. Child, I was shaking in my boots a little the way that scene was rolled out honey!

Another thought, if a stripper tells you your husband is always in the strip club, odds are I’ma have to go with the hoe on this one. It’s just a strip club, and I’d rather let my man look than touch, especially if he has a history of touching! Boom!

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