Married to Medicine Blog #1

If you guys only knew what I was really thinking!

Hello world, As many of you saw this past Sunday, I filmed a majority of the first half of the season for Married to Medicine Season 3. I wanted to give my thoughts on what you guys saw during the episodes, and I guess for any further episodes I might appear in.

Boutique scene

Now, while I do love reality tv, I would have never dreamed that I would be a part of it, and to be on one of my favorite shows? Never in a million years! As an employee (at the time) of the Lisa Nicole Cloud Collection Boutique, the cameras were regularly rolling and this was one of our first scenes. What was clipped down to about 2 minutes actually went on for about 2 hours, but was eye opening and enjoyable. The kicker here is that over the course of the summer, Lisa Nicole and Quad Webb Lunceford had engaged in a bit of a war and lines were being drawn in the sand. As you all know by now, Lisa’s former assistant informed Quad of a background check ran on her by Lisa and that leads us into the season. So, Quad calls while we are going over our stats from the event the prior weekend (which I was the top seller at) to set up the meeting later in the week (or episode).

Lisa Nicole vs. Quad

Baby, I was in as much shock as everyone who saw this altercation. I was privy to the details of the fight because again, I was filming the show, and even talked with Lisa Nicole directly after the fight. However, I was assured that Quad was lying and over exaggerating the details of the situation. All I’ll say is, in the words of that great poet, Nicki Minaj, “Starships are meant to fly”, not glasses and cocktails Lisa! Honey, both women were pushed to their limits and so I’m not picking a side, but y’all got a glimpse of “Nikki” and I believe she will be peaking her head out a couple of other times this season too.

There were other scenes like my girl Dr. Heavenly and her daughter Alaura were again a highlight but the other scenes I won’t comment on because I don’t know much about it. Although Dr. Jackie could have sent me an invite for “FITNI”, however she may have had to incur the wrath of Nikki, so I’ll work out at my own expense. Next week you guys will see more of the LNC team at a crazy ass board meeting as she looks to find the “traitor” on her staff, which none of us were. See you Sunday!

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