Vital information, for your everyday life…

I’m going to do some catching up here on some current events that I really only lightweight give a shit about….

Cynthia Bailey‘s husband was caught everywhere cheating on her. DUH… Atlanta knows something in the butter milk ain’t clean, however, with Porsha Williams being the whistle blower on his allegedly less than faithful ways, it was easy for Cynthia and Peter to dismiss her at the reunion because, well, Porsha’s still trying to figure out how to book a ticket on the Underground Railroad.

I was listening to V103 and Cynthia said she wasn’t going to divorce him but felt disrespected. She ought to be thankful, because Cynthia just secured herself a main storyline for season 8 of RHOA which begins production in about two weeks. Hell, I don’t even think she had a peach until Peter getting those jerk chicken wings and whispering in some ladies ear at SportsOne in Charlotte.

Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards are fired. Could have seen this coming a mile away. Their cast members definitely painted them in corners that had “no return” written all over them. Everyone gave Lips Rinna a pass for throwing her glass and almost choking Kim, but didn’t forgive Brandi for throwing wine at Eileen and slapping Vanderpump. Everyone was pissed at Kim about lying on her sobriety, but no one called out Rinna for threatening to kill her via text. So again, it was easy to see this coming. Apparently Brandi might still be a FOH, but who would she film with because at this moment her only “friend” is Yolanda, and she’s battling lime disease so her role is in question as well.

Carlos King and Todd Tucker‘s “Hollywood Divas” season two trailer was released, and although there were teams last season, the only thing these girls appear to be loyal to is throwing a shitload of shade! I do wonder how Vivica A. Foxx would have fared with this group as this season is less about the acting and more heavy on the personal lives of the women. And baby, was it necessary for Golden Brooks to throw shade at her fellow UPN sister Shar Jackson, saying she hadn’t worked since Moesha, when Golden hasn’t a real job since Girlfriends?

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