Wanna hear a funny story about Mimi Faust?

Don't fuck with Mimi Faust
Don’t fuck with Mimi Faust

So I attended a watch party two weeks ago for Cutting It In The ATL hosted by cast member Mushiya. Pretty normal party, her hairstylists and clients from The Damn Salon was there, no drama, good drinks, and good vibes. It was there I formally introduced myself to Mimi Faust of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Mimi was super nice and polite and even engaged in a conversation with me. I must admit, I think I may have come off too strong for Mimi as is my personality can be a bit… strong. I asked her for her PR contact to possibly set up an interview in the future, and she obliged. Here’s what it gets funny (to me at least).

So, I leave and head to the bar for another cocktail, and my friend approaches her for a picture. She took them and again was super sweet, and he returns back to meet me at the bar. So I ask him how did everything go, and he said well, but Mimi asked “he’s not one of them messy bloggers is he?”. Now, I get why she asked. If you saw Funky Dineva vs. Joseline Hernandez last Monday on the LHHATL After Show, Joseline echoed a lot of the same sentiments that these people who open up their lives for us to view do. There is a thin line between keeping it real, and slaying the fuck out of a character on television.

Again, I get why she asked.. but I was like, “well damn”.. She could have just asked me that shit! I’m such an open book, and I honestly think she was trying to be cautious and I can respect that. I went over to her again and apologized if I came off strong and let her know that I haven’t slayed her and spilled none of her tea on my blog.. and I haven’t. Honestly, it made me think twice about being messy for the sake of being messy.

She posed for #HEADTOTOEOVAH and yaaay besties. Thoughts?

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