I got some Kandi’s Ski Trip Premiere Party teas!

Claudia, Kenya, Kandi, Demetria, and Rasheeda at Kandi's Ski Trip Premiere
Claudia, Kenya, Kandi, Demetria, and Rasheeda at Kandi’s Ski Trip Premiere

So other than being somewhat of a messy bitch on this blog (among other things), it looks like I’m a little socialite too being invited to the parties going on in the Atlanta area. Well baby, all the “lebrities” were out last night as Kandi has a host of friends and family who fuck with her the long way and supported her at Suite Lounge last night.

I won’t lie, I was ready to go and was over it, but I’m glad I stayed because it was interesting to watch these women interact with one another. The first couple of guests rolled through being Claudia Jordan and Kenya Moore (in a sickening gold sequin Chanel bag) from #RHOA followed by #LHHATL‘s Rasheeda and Demetria McKinney (from whatever the hell she’s doing because it certainly ain’t #RHOA). They all posed for the cameras and got on really well which wasn’t too surprising given the fact that they all deal with one another on their shows in  some form or fashion. All-in-all it seemed pretty tame but then all the other “lebrities” started rolling in and the people going public ate it all up!

Heeeeeey Funky Dineva and Messie Cee!

At this time girls like Monyetta Shaw and Cynthia Bailey begin to roll through. Now remember that tea I spilled on Cynthia being in New York, but not at the Bravo upfronts (http://chasekills.com/2015/05/18/upfronts-tea/). Well, mama definitely didn’t look too happy to be there. She took a few pictures but while all the other girls were giving “cocktail dress for the press”, she was giving “I’m just here so I won’t look petty” teas. I’m not saying mama had a funky attitude, but she definitely looked like she had other shit on her mind (like figuring out who the hell was gonna pay for Peter’s Brew and BarNone if them Bravo checks were to stop)!

So, Keisha “Don’t Call Me Rudy” Knight Pulliam came strutting through the door and she always attempts to keep a low profile at these things, never mind she was a part of everyone’s damn childhood, but it’s to be expected I guess, you can’t be running up and down the stairs at the Huxtable household forever (although reruns say that’s a LIE). So, the photographers attempt to Keisha to join the other ladies for photo ops, and Ms. Keisha was like “no ma’am”, not today, not tomorrow, not ever! Y’all do remember that Keisha and Kenya got into it on The Celebrity Apprentice, but I do believe that Claudia, Kenya, and Demetria had ducked out after they got their pictures taken so I don’t really know why she wasn’t feeling it, but she wasn’t.

Last bit of tea is that yes, Phaedra Parks did indeed attend the event. Late as hell! The doors opened at 7pm and she didn’t get there  until well after 11pm. Listen, I think it’s sweet she showed up, and I also hope for the sake of their friendship that the storyline didn’t tear their bond apart. I’m sure Phaedra had to tuck the babies in and put some gel in that new wet and wavy she’s rocking (which I actually really love), but damn, that was late!

Now, tea aside, it was a fun event with a great vibe and for the most part everyone played along. I recapped as much as I could having fun without enjoying the moment and I have pictures + Claudia Jordan and Demetria McKinney serving #HEADTOTOEOVAH! available on my Instagram @chaseKILLS

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