WEtv’s Cutting It In The ATL Premiere Party

Photo credit 135th Street Agency
Photo credit 135th Street Agency

Honey, all this reading and getting Atlanta’s “black elite” (namely Housewives) has paid off, because little ol’ me was invited to WEtv’s Premiere Party for “Cutting It In The ATL” which was organized by the wonderful ladies over at the 135th Street Agency (hey Saptosa!).

The people was packed in the building and honestly, initially, I was only there to get the tea for you guys, however, I found myself immersed among Atlanta’s biggest personalities and baby I went for broke! Some of the names in attendance where #RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Buruss, and Claudia Jordan, Egypt Sherrod, #FROMTHEBOTTOMUP‘s Stacii Jae, #LHHATL Mimi Faust, and the list goes on and on and on. Who gave #HEADTOTOOVAH? Here are a few pictures from the events and I’ll try and give as much tea as possible under the images and videos!

#CuttingItInTheATL #RHOA #nowwhatelseisgoingon @cynthiabailey10 www.chasekills.com
#CuttingItInTheATL #RHOA #nowwhatelseisgoingon @cynthiabailey10 http://www.chasekills.com

Yaaaaassss honey, Mrs. Cynthia Bailey was so gracious taking pictures for the little people, not getting visibly frustrated or annoyed at the constant requests, she did ease on down that purple WE tv road and get her ass into the theater to watch the first episode of the new series. You know I had to let her know about her performance at the reunion, and I told her she won. Honestly, she did win the reunion because she said what she needed to say, she owned her shit, and apologized when necessary. She also dropped the TV wall and was there for NeNe when shit got real. Cynthia said she was gonna come on down to Chasekills.com and get a good read, however, I told her to beware because at one point or another, I’ve let ALL them heifers have it. #WINACASE #WHATELSEISGOINGON


Honey, my Married to Medicine sisters always coming through electric sliding on someone’s carpet, and last night that they did! Dr. Heavenly always keeps it real, and she gave me some amazing television over the time that I was able to be around and film with the women this season, she always gets my vote! Toya was very much giving, let’s walk this damn carpet and get our seats.

Stacii Jae giving turban and light goddess!
Stacii Jae giving turban and light goddess!

Stacii Jae Johnson who is an Atlanta area notable and a cast member on Nicki Gilbert’s new series “From The Bottom Up” confirmed that she’s going to be clearing it on Centric TV pretty soon. Now, this was my first time meeting her, and quite honestly she was my highlight of the night, honey! First, the turban… YES AND PLEASE! Honestly, I’m excited for what television is going to open up for her and will be waiting for this show to air (can a brother get an invite to THAT party) especially with the crazy that is Sarah Stokes involved! She also took the liberty of taking my phone and taking her selfie so she could get the perfect lighting… a woman that KNOWS what she wants… YAAAAAOOOOOSSSSS

Alright honey, who was giving #HEADTOTOEOVAH
Stacii Jae with that damn sickoning piece of turban on her head! Honey mama gave it to the children, took it back, and let the girls have it!
Cynthia Bailey with that long denim shirt. I was like, bitch, get me some heels and a sick piece of Diana Ross 1970’s wig and walk around the house like I got seasons worth of Bravo TV money in the bank! #NOWWHATELSEISGOINGON
– The Claudia Jordan/Mimi Faust/Auta Lopes combo giving “We’re Not Mean Girls, We’re Pretty” last night gave life. This trio genuinely enjoys each other and they all looked fab. Plus, it was nice to Claudia having a good time and not having to get a bitch together for once.

As for #CUTTINGITINTHEATL I will have a proper review of the show up once it airs next week, but the CRAZY that is cast member Mushiya MADE me agree to being on her team… like lightweight bullied me, so I told her I’d let her know after I watched the preview. Y’all know I’m obligated to keep it real for the people! She’s good TV though, so you can take that to your local hair salon and cut it! So, I watched it, and will let the girls know just WHO’s team I’m on next week after the official premiere on WE TV.

For more pictures and video go on over to my Instagram @chaseKILLS

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