Listen… honey… I don’t even know WHERE to begin with her. Raven Symone’ is literally trying to make me hate her because she stole my heart as little Olivia Kendall, then she fucked it up as Nicole on Hanging With Mr. Cooper (y’all know they ain’t have to put Robin out the house), then she redeemed herself with That’s So Raven, and she didn’t annoy me in her role on Empire. However, every since this heifer has had the nerve to share her “opinions” that are rooted in stupid, she’s made Stacey Dash look like Albert fucking Einstein!

America wants Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill—but Raven-Symoné disagrees: “I don’t like that idea… I think we need to move a little more forward.”

Honey, Harriet Tubman ushered us out of slavery with the Underground Railroad, and here you go cooning us right back into it! You may not want Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill in favor of someone more current, however, we don’t want YOUR ass on The View and want you replaced with a SISTER that’s gonna make some damn sense. #GOODDAY

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