Kenya Moore’s Millionaire Match a fraud? & Porsha throwing shade for the gram!

Honey… America was all happy for Kenya Moore finally getting herself a REAL man. Well that REAL man has a REAL woman, and bitch it ain’t Kenya! Apparently Kenya Moore’s date and man from her episode of Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker is MURRIED! Clutch the pearls honey, what a sneaky thing to do!!


No word as of yet from Patti Stanger but here is her match and his alleged bride below..

ooooooh bitch...
ooooooh bitch…

However, who did weigh in through some shade was Kenya’s #RHOA co-star, Porsha Williams, extending her Season 7 storyline by getting in everybody damn business and didn’t have nothing but some Remy hair and waist trainers (which I need, hook me up girl!) going on herself!

now who are you to say what's who's karma.. girl gone
now who are you to say what’s who’s karma.. girl gone

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