The Prancing Elites vs. Gay/Straight Elitism

Uncomfortable? Get over it!
Uncomfortable? Get over it!

Honey, I know y’all have heard about Oxygen’s new series The Prancing Elites. It’s about an all male gay J-Sette troupe from the booooowwwwellls of the Southern United States of Amuuurica. These chicks have managed to stir up strong opinions of the viewers and most dissapointingly negative backlash from their own African American LGBT.

Today I had a conversation with a PR girl who told me that she was okay with “gays” but not the “gay gays”. Well, y’all knew I was offended because, bitch I’M GAY! Her sentiments echo that of the “gay elite” in that they’re making a mockery of what it is to be homosexual in today’s society.

My ass definitely disagrees because who the fuck are we to judge ANYONE on what it’s like to be gay in today’s society? This shit ain’t quiet as it’s kept. We are looked at as second class citizens. It’s already tough that we’re African American and at times the same opportunities aren’t afforded to those with “privilege”. Now you wanna throw gay on top of that? Bitch, no ma’am!

Yes, our media today portrays us as “Queens”, or as “the gay husband” or “NeNe’s gay”. However, that DOES represent some of our culture. It does not represent ALL of culture, but the fact remains that it DOES exist. Just because you aren’t comfortable with the images that our portrayed on television doesn’t mean you bash the ones baring their lives to the viewing public. Shut the fuck up and be the change!

Furthermore, they are opening the doors for more relatable LGBT characters to enter our screens. However, stigma and backlash from our communities doesn’t help. Honey, I stay in Atlanta. If you don’t weigh a certain amount, look a certain way, wear a certain thing, drive a certain car, or make a certain amount of money then you are automatically less than.

The success of this show does have an impact on what other images we can have portrayed on television, and you bitches are definitely fucking that up for EVERYONE. Support our brothers and sisters on this show. Honestly, I’ve watched an episode. They’re funny, endearing, and y’all know there is one of you on this show in your own group of friends. It’s hard enough doing what they do, but doubly tough when we are adding to the negativity.

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