Claudia Jordan over talking about Porsha Williams! AND THE CHURCH SAID AMEN!


Honey, I’m always down for a new housewife, and Claudia Jordan almost had me this season. She got NeNe’s ass RIGHT together in Puerto Rico, called out the hypocrisy in the NeNe/Phaedra/Porsha unit amongst the other women, and didn’t take herself too seriously…. during the first half of the season.

Child, I feel like singing that familiar lyric from Bills, Bills, Bills.. “at first we started out real cool”! During the second half of the season Claudia chasing down NeNe at Phaedra’s charity event and not letting this thing go in the media with Porsha truly left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

When I say fuck it, I mean just that, fuck it! I certainly won’t go talking to anyone who will listen because I am NOT pressed over nan hoe. Claudia’s ass finally got the memo that fans were turning on her because of her unwillingness to let these feuds go in the press.

Her comments shutting down are after the beep.

Gifs by RealityTVGifs Were you surprised when Porsha said she was not dating an older African man?

Claudia Jordan: No, but I really don’t want to be asked to speak on her anymore. I really and truly do not care. She’s not in my circle. I don’t really know any women outside of the other Housewives that hang with her, and I couldn’t care less. The only reason it was ever brought up was to show the hypocrisy of some of the ladies. I made my point and kept it moving. I hope I’m beyond clear.

Thank the LORT. Praise be Jehovah! She’s let it go! Hopefully she learns the art of Housewives fighting and “moving on” to fight with someone else. That’s what made #RHOA so magically the first six years, was the ability for the girls to not take themselves and these situations too seriously, all while reading the shit out of each other.

This season felt stuck and stagnant, so we’ll see what #RHOA8 brings us this winter.

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