Life Sitting Behind Stevie J: #LHHATL Season 4; Ep 1

Jerry Springer has nothing on this...
Jerry Springer has nothing on this…

So everyone’s favorite ratchet soap opera returned last night and I’m sure the ratings are going to be through the roof. There was so much that happened last night, but I figured I concentrate on one scene in particular. Tiffany Fox’s performance for Mimi, Stevie J, and assorted cast members. Bitch, the tea begins now!

The scene was filmed in Midtown Atlanta at an antique shop and it was sickening. Child, I wanted to buy a couple of things but this was an invitation from a PR agent, so y’all know I wasn’t on payroll! When I got there I found out it was being filmed so of course we signed our lives away to VH1/Monami/Eastern and in we went. It was at this time Mimi, Karlie Redd, and Rasheeda pulled up in Ra’s Mercedes truck. You know, the kind of shit that makes you wanna sign your life away to the illuminati.


Alright, so we’re inside and the tension was thick. Production was seating people, and in walks Stevie J and his crew. Now, he was drinking on something on the way in, but baby, almost two hours and a couple of drinks later the show had started. For the record, Stevie (as well as Mimi and the girls) was nice to us there to watch the show, however, much like everyone else had grown tired and then proceeded to turn the bitch up. Stevie was cracking jokes, starting shit with the ladies at the other table.. and even threatening to pull his sasuage out and lay it in front of Mimi. This got Mimi pissed and she proceeded to curse Stevie out in every way you could possibly think of. If you’re a reader of my blog, then you know I can curse a bitch out. However, I learned a thing or two from Mimi that night, and I’d strongly urge a bitch NOT to try me! Especially when I’m channelling my inner Mimi Faust.

So anyway, Tiffany Fox gets out there a pussy pops to her new single, everything settles down, and then all of a sudden Tiffany and Karlie Redd get into an old nasty argument. Child, quiet as it’s kept, if there wasn’t so much distance between Tiff and Karlie, I think Karlie woulda got drug, but the way our God is set up, he said not so! Karlie threw a couple of amens to the ceiling and electric slid her ass out of the building because I know y’all saw Tiffany’s thighs. One legdrop and it woulda been over for our favorite rap songstress.

Honestly, this could be an episode by itself because there was so much drama there was no way they could fit it all into the segment it was given. Next week, I’ll do a recap of the stories and everything but for now I wanted to blog about my experience sitting behind Stevie J.

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