[What I’ve Been Watching] #RHOBH Season 5

Who needs an intervention?
Who needs an intervention?

Where do I start with these broads. I guess the biggest bone I have to pick is about the whole Kim’s Sobriety deal. So lets start there.


Is she going to choke Kim’s wine out of her?

You want my opinion? Lisa Rinna is a shit stirrer who needs to mind her own fucking business. We ALL know Kim Richards is off her rocker. I’m sure she’s broached her sobriety more than a little bit, but who made Rinna the boss of sobriety? Lips (Rinna) should have asked once and kept it moving. For someone who feels Kim is completely irrelevant to the show, her storyline revolved around having a conversation with everyone about Kim’s sobriety which to me comes off as insincere. Surely we could have watched you film Depends commercials, or go buy a new baseball cap (aka trademark Rinna hairstyle). However you decide to beat this dead horse into the ground. My advice for you next season is to say something and own it. You didn’t give a shit whether Kim was well or not. You wanted to use this as a way to get in with the cool girls.


Kyle.. running behind other bitches..

Can we say A-FUCKING-NNOYING!? I don’t know if it’s just a “black thing” or not. However, if I have a problem with my sister that’s one thing, but there won’t be nan bitch running up to me talking about my sister and mentioning intervention, let alone when cameras are rolling. Kyle is the type of bitch who thinks she’s better than family, so will run behind tired ass hoes to be apart of the “cool clique”. The same clique who will turn on you and throw you under a bus for a storyline quicker than it’d take Kyle to do one of her old lady splits.


She is either high on drugs and booze, or high on life. Either way, it’s no one’s fucking business but hers. This is where I take up for Kim. Kyle is too busy running behind other bitches to stop the vultures from picking on Kim’s drunken carcass. Brandi is TOTALLY not who I’d want to have vouch for my credibility. This woman is in a can’t win position. She’s delusional, she’s drunk, but it’s her business. Not Lips or anyone else’s.


My heart goes out to her. Having to endure these dumb broads arguing over nothing while she’s like going through a mental breakdown (“Lyme disease”). May God be with you sister!


how about… trash

Hmm… attention whore much? Honestly, my feelings are that the show should be recast, and she should be one of the first to go. However, we all know she isn’t going anywhere. The slap to Vanderpump albeit slightly humorous was uncalled for. Her behavior should seriously be reevaluated by Evolution Media (production company), because it’s trash like this that makes #RHOBH lose a bit of it’s luster.


She took that slap like it was Dynasty, and I loved every bit of it! However, what I am not here for is her shunning of Brandi (well, before the slap at least). She made excuses for that trash box for nearly 3 seasons and now because Brandi turns and spills tea on her she no longer condones her actions. True tea is you shouldn’t have condoned her shit when she was stirring it up with Adrienne Maloof, Kyle Richards, and especially against Joyce Giraud. Therefore, your bitching, whining, moaning, and complaining about Brandi Dirtville fell on deaf ears with me this season. #SLAP


And there’s Eileen in a nutshell…. but seriously, I’m glad she made Rinna own her shit and do think she’s opening up a bit more. I’d like to see her in season 6.


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