[What I’ve Been Watching] #RHOA Season 7 – Last Few Episodes


#RHOA has two more episodes in the season before the reunions start airing and here’s my thoughts on what’s happened recently.


These wigs are another blog post entirely..

Baby, NeNe Leakes showed that wide ass at that therapy session. When the going got tough, the tough got going because she punched it with the swiftness. Now, I do think Dr. Jeff could have spread the conversation around a bit more earlier on, as NeNe definitely isn’t the source of ALL the problems over the last few seasons, but she’s damn near had a run-in with every one of these girls since season 5 so surely she didn’t think she would be able to sit their unscathed.

Question? Has Porsha Williams yet to apologize for dragging Kenya Moore around the reunion like a ragdoll? I don’t think she has although Kenya has apologized more than once for causing a WWF Smackdown at the Season 6 reunion. Hell, now that I think about it, Porsha has had run-ins with damn near everyone since Season 5 as well and yet have I heard her take accountability for her actions. At least we can say the bitch is consistent.


Get me to the reunion!

One of the underlying themes of this show is the contention between Kandi Buruss and NeNe. Kandi entered Season 2 and NeNe wasn’t as receptive. They’ve fought over Kim Zolciak, who has more money, and just about everything under the sun but know their beef is actually really petty so have tried to move forward. Cut the crap. Sometimes there IS no moving forward. Sometimes a relationship is as dead as that cow I had for a steak dinner last night. Sometimes you just don’t like a bitch, well because, you just don’t like the bitch. The word is their Season 7 reunion exchange is heated and if their small disagreement at therapy was any warning it is not going to be pretty. I wonder where Phaedra stands on this issue…


Ask me no questions.. I tell you no lies…

Jesus! I feel like ripping off my clothes and dancing in my speedo as if the wicked witch had died on The Wiz. I’ll save that performance for the day Phaedra no longer holds a peach, but I am glad to see these two ladies FINALLY bury the hatchet and move on. Lest we not forget they were friendly until Phaedra didn’t want to pay Kenya for her production of the workout tape in Season 5. PHAEDRA started the slander, and Kenya took it too far. So nobody is the perfect church mouse in this feud. I’m just glad it’s over. Now someone has to go next season so this doesn’t creep back onto our televisions for a 4th straight season in a row.


Good to see the girls having fun again. The trip as a whole was funny and I guess boring because there isn’t much to write about…

SIDEBAR: Hey Demetria.. see you at the reunion! 🙂


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