Who’s The Victim? #RHOA Recap

For once I’m agreeing with Shady Phae Phae gif by RealityTVGifs

This season of #RHOA Season 7 is almost over and these heifers remind me of a musical act who either gets their shit together, or self destructs (ala the original Destiny’s Child).

Claudia is upset about the double standards between males and females in comedy. Hell, I’m upset about the double standards between males and females in life, but really girl dry humor works best when you have someone to play off of. This was evident when Demetria earned her check by watching and not laughing at Claudia during a prep stand-up session. Claudia did bring in Luenell, and that was worth this storyline alone.

Poor crybaby ass Kandi. Crying over an alleged lying, trifling, and nasty human being. Phaedra is like the new girl at school who becomes popular and is a monster that has to be taken down. Season 3, NeNe did not know you. You were called a “Plain Jane” from Athens (amongst other things). Season 6, NeNe calls you the “head doctor” as per your alleged rep for slobbing on that knob and getting down and dirty on air mattresses with convicted felons. Now NeNe falls out with Kenya after they allegedly conspire to take Phaedra down at the season 5 reunion, and conspires with P to take down Kenya at the season 6 reunion. When the plan comes to fruition, you forget EVERYTHING said or done to you by the most popular girl in school in order to be her crony.

You know those girls. The ones who’ll do anything to be with the “IN” crowd. Kandi does have a legitimate gripe here because I know she’s like “damn, I was your friend when no one else wanted to be.”. When Phaedra was lying about due dates and rumors were swirling about your man being on the DL back in the day, Kandi stuck her neck out there only to find out Phaedra’s a liar, so why continue to do it when Kandi obviously knows Phaedra’s having more than her fair share of chocolate.

Both ladies were going through a tough time this season and it’s a shame they couldn’t lean on each other for support. I don’t feel bad for Phaedra’s husband going to jail because she reportedly was counting down the days until she was a free woman. Hopefully, these two can get it together.

Hmm… there’s just so much one could say. Although I understand what Dr. Jeff’s intent was on having NeNe be the first one in the hot seat (as she is the catalyst) for this session, some of the queen bee’s reactions to the ladies comments and Dr. Jeff himself utterly shocked me (and Dr. Jeff  as well). NeNe girl, you are the QUEEN BEE, take it in stride and sting that ass at the reunion. All of the ladies minus Claudia had a legit gripe about your character and instead of acting like a child you should have sat there and really worked to get to the root of the issue. What was telling is that NeNe does miss Cynthia, and to a smaller degree Kenya as she was hesitant to call Kenya a friend, which we all know not to be true. I’m sure Dr. Jeff was going to touch on the other issues within the group (Porsha vs. Claudia/Cynthia/Kenya) but NeNe showed that ass before it could even happen.

All-in-all, the show just isn’t becoming fun anymore with the division between the ladies mirroring the annoyance of The Smalls vs. The Talls from Season 4. We have 8 regular cast members and two teams, and it all is just quite nauseating. I for one, again, think it is time for a cast shake up. 2 from Team Pretty and 2 from Team NeNe should stay and we should get 2 to 3 new girls next season. Season 5 and 6 worked so well because 5 featured a new dynamic and 6 saw the girls find their groove. Three seasons with the same cast will eventually bore the viewer because these bitches are arguing about the same shit in various ways (just like at #RHONJ). Anyway, enough of my season 8 hopes and dreams.

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