[The People vs. RHOA] My thoughts lately

All these chicks are STILL a fucking mess..
All these chicks are STILL a fucking mess..

So, I haven’t done a recap of sorts for the last 3 episodes mainly due to the hiatuses, but also due to a lot of the happenings that have been going on with the ladies, so I’m going to try and get it all out here.

I will sum up some of the more important storylines with the greatest opinions from The People vs. RHOA, and choose a side!


The big story rocking Atlanta is the YEARS of allegations that while Apollo was round town picking up thots, Phaedra was down to the candy shop getting a piece of Mr. Chocolate. I don’t know if it’s really true. I somewhat don’t really care if it’s true, but it is interesting to see Phaedra wiggle her way out of scenarios that don’t paint her to be the Southern Belle she swindled us with back in Season 3. Lets face it, P is really just a down ass chick for her dude who likes to have a good time. So fast forward to a group dinner and low and behold, Cynthia’s pussy popping around the issue until Kenya flat out brings up the allegations. Now, I do concur it is none of their business, however, if a bitch had been accusing me of the same thing they’ve been accused of, I don’t think I would have sat idle and not added my 2 cents. I wouldn’t have gone about it the way that Kenya did, but Phae Phae wouldn’t have gotten away with that shit either.

– Well, the people are all Team Phaedra because they hate Kenya and co. but I’m with Kenya on this one because we all act like Apollo didn’t initiate this horrible display of womanhood. Phaedra, Porsha, and NeNe slayed Kenya to no end. If Apollo isn’t to be believed in the Kenya situation, his words don’t really hold weight in this one either, but since no one wants to blame him, then both groups of ladies and the fans should blame their damn selves for getting so worked up over a convicted felon’s lies and foolishness.


This story has been looming on the blogs for a few months now. Apparently, with Phaedra finally getting NeNe to be her bestie (after NeNe shunned her for nearly 4 seasons) and Kandi having a life of her own don’t mix. Phaedra throwing in Kandi’s face that NeNe has been her rock definitely was a low blow as Kandi is dealing with multiple business, crazy-in-laws, and an alleged opportunist who doesn’t mind letting her know she’s “no Rihanna”. This coupled with the fact that Kandi and Todd somewhat sided with Apollo in the fallout while Phaedra came up with every reason not to be as supportive as most wives would be if their husband being locked up with the inmates waiting for him “at the door”. What makes matters worse is that alligator mouth Porsha adds fuel to the fire by pointing out that Kandi did not get up from the dinner table to run after Phaedra once Kenya and Cynthia outted her as being a hussy.

– I’m sure The People will side with Phaedra and not Kandi, but I’m siding with Kandi on this one. She knows Phaedra is wrong and is there as much as she can be, it’s not her fault Phaedra wants to run all up under NeNe. If anything Phaedra should be a bit ashamed of running to someone who has wanted nothing to do with her since the day she stepped onto the show.


Girl, sit down some damn where. Don’t succumb to the pressure of being a messy bitch, when you KNOW that’s not you! I get that you wanted to point out the hypocrisy between the ladies, and honey, there is definitely hypocrisy. However, the way you went about doing it goes against everything you’ve stood for as a cast member on this show. I don’t think Phaedra should hit Kenya upside her head with her granny purse, but I do think you might need a whack or two!

– I’m siding with The People on this one. #Nowwhatelseisgoingon?


These two have had their relationship rocked to the very core since it was announced that they were a couple. The People (and Mama Joyce) say Todd’s an opportunist and a cheater. The People say Kandi’s a sugar mama. Todd’s had to fight the Old Lady Gang away with the strength of 10 Piccadilly cafeteria workers. Kandi’s had to fight back tears as Todd has flat out told her she’s “no Rihanna”. Honestly, TV is tearing their marriage apart and there are glaring problems within this unit. Hopefully, they will head to marriage counseling because as of right now their first year doesn’t look like the gateway to 50 years. Hopefully everyone’s favorite munchkins can make it through the storm.

– I am not siding with anyone. Both of them do things that aren’t necessarily beneficial to the relationship. Kandi running back everything to the OLG. Todd comparing Kandi to supermodel singers practically admitting that he’s cheating on Kandi. Hopefully they can make this work so I’ll reserve judgment for now.


These two perplex me. Claudia on one hand throws so much shade at Porsha who clearly wants nothing to do with Claudia, however, wants to remain cordial at work. No bitch! Don’t talk shit in the streets and think we’re cool at work! Claudia exhibits this behavior during conversation with her Team Pretty friends recapping the awkwardness that was Porsha Williams’ “Welcome To Dish Nation” party (that I overslept and missed the opportunity to attend!) and turns up the drama by providing crocodile tears while the ladies chat on Claudia’s new rented couch. Claudia feels bullied as she’s now introduced to the way this group works. Throw shade, apologize, rinse, lather, and repeat. Later in the show, Claudia brings up Porsha again, this time with boss and co­worker Rickey Smiley. Rickey attempts to have a kumbaya moment with both women but Porsha shuts that down as she has no interest in mending fences with Claudia. It’s safe to say these women will not be going for mani­ pedi’s anytime soon.

– I’m with Black History Teacher Porsha and The People on this one. Claudia definitely gave NeNe a well deserved reading session, however, this situation with Porsha is petty. You called her out for being a hoe, now keep it moving. If you spilled my tea in the streets, bitch we ain’t cool. Move on honey, move on.

– Honestly, 8 girls is too much for this show. The reason why the girls don’t appear to have storylines is because the show has switched it’s focus from stories to shade.  Also again, 8 girls is too much. The days of 5 to 6 girls are what works best and have the others as just friends. Honestly, NeNe, Demetria, and Claudia could have been friends this season. A storyline focused episode gets slammed as boring, and a shade fest gets slammed as no story. You bitches are gonna find anything to complain about so just enjoy the ride while you’re on it and keep your puke to yourself.

There are real life stories going on here. Kenya’s pilot, Demetria actually having a career and a man, Apollo going to jail, and Kandi/Phaedra’s upcoming feud to name a few. However, y’all want shade and violence, so that’s what they’re giving you! I miss the days of these women being grown as hell.

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