If Nene Leaves… Who’s The New Supreme?

Now what now?

NeNe Leakes has reigned supreme as the queen of The Real Housewives of Atlanta for 7 seasons now, and although we have had quite a few candidates for queen supremacy (Marlo Hampton; Season 4/Kenya Moore; Season 6), they have unfortunately fell short of climbing the mountain and becoming the undisputed new queen of #RHOA.

NeNe has gone on for years about wanting to leave the platform that made a country girl from Athens into a star and quite frankly, my honest opinion is if she doesn’t want to do it anymore, well the honey don’t. Move on, girl! Sell your HSN fashions, sit-in on entertainment shows, have recurring roles on SCRIPTED TV shows, get a movie role or two, and hell land a spot on The View, but just move on!

With that said, my candidate for who the new queen of #RHOA should be is going to shock all of my readers and people who know me personally, but, if I can call a bitch out for doing wrong, I can certainly call him/her out for doing what’s right too.

Honey… yes, Porsha Williams. As much as it shocks me to say it, this woman has been one of the most interesting things about the series this season. From her showdowns with Team Pretty, to her hilarious moments of brilliance (“Intellectual mindframe”) this woman has ultimately set herself up to be able to be the type of queen for the new demographic the show seems to be targeting.

Logically, one would have thought she was a goner after the incident at last season’s reunion with Kenya Moore. What no one counted on was that this woman had gained a huge amount of public sympathy at the Season 5 reunion when her then husband Kordell Stewart no-showed, and followed suit with divorce papers days later. Also, if you notice this season NeNe and Porsha have been doing lots of “1-on-1” and catch-up scenes with one another, that almost look as if NeNe’s passing the torch to the young vixen.

Had you asked me last season my vote would have gone to Kenya Moore, but being such a bitch and allegedly horrible business woman makes her somewhat justifiably unlikeable and to be a queen on these franchises, you’ve got to be liked.

If NeNe electric slides in the wind next season, my cast would feature Porsha, Kandi, Kenya, Claudia, and a new cast member who would be a REAL LIFE friend of Porsha’s (if this happens, I want my check). Honestly, it’s time for a cast shakeup. NeNe would move on to her solo spinoff (with a guest role on #RHOA), and we’d gladly waive goodbye to season 3 entrants Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks.

If you all don’t agree with my sentiments, let me know below! Hell, if Porsha doesn’t work.. what about this queen?

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