[Blind Item] Chiiiiile.. The People Say Someone’s on that CoCo!!

Honey, so I’m just minding my business, going down memory lane by listening to some of Destiny’s Child’s greatest hits, when my friend and Houston native spilled some MAJOR tea.

Bitch, say it ain’t so!

So, while listening to DC I asked this unnamed source what was the reception to replacement member Michelle William’s entry into the group. He said that no one in Houston really embraced her as just about everyone had ties to Beyoncé, Kelly, LeToya, and Latavia, so no one featured Michelle and Farrah. Now I believe this, because honey, I wasn’t here for that shit either. I still vividly remember being on the school bus in the 7th grade when it was announced on the radio that LeToya and Latavia were replaced with two new members as the video for “Say My Name” was released. As an in the closet young male, baby I wanted to riot, but I had to act like I didn’t give a damn and popped in my Ja-Rule cd, all the while crying on the inside like North West at a fashion show!

Anyway, the source proceeds to divulge a story about a certain member being in Houston to star in a play and inviting them to her room after her show. Apparently, this member is a faghag as every other word out of her mouth followed with “YYAAAAAAAASSSS!” this, and “GIIIIRRRL” that. The real teas is that said member ALLEGEDLY was going into the bathroom every 5 minutes to hit that CoCo with her gay entourage! Honey, I almost fainted! I’m on the fence as I do believe the source is telling the truth, but I damn sure don’t want to believe the beloved this upstanding citizen is hooked on that white horse. I choose to believe she is skinny because of a sickening diet and she is so erratic because that’s her natural bubbly personality!

On another note, I did think she would have been the best candidate to portray Whitney Houston in Whitney & Bobby The Whitney Houston Story.

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