To Kill A Thief; Kenya Moore vs. Vivica A. Fox

I’ve half way kept my eye on the Celebrity Apprentice this season due to my love for the Real Housewives franchise. This season on Apprentice two of the most over-dramatic cast members of their respective Housewives franchise have fought, scratched, and popped their pussies across NBC looking a plum fool in most moments and stealing the show in others, those two ladies would be Brandi Glanville (#RHOBH) and Kenya Moore (#RHOA). While their feud has been brewing for years and has definitely made great television, the REAL feud finally happened last night.


Who's a thief, and who's a trick!?
Who’s a thief, and who’s a trick!?

Baby, last night was a shade explosion. Vivica’s phone became missing during a challenge, and then a tweet was sent out about Vivica having menopause!!! While it’s not CLEAR if Kenya actually stole Vivica’s phone, clearly Max didn’t see it for Kenya and I’m willing to bet she won’t be inviting her ass to nobody’s Soul Food dinner no time soon. Honey, what would Big Momma do?

Keep walking LOW DOWN TRICK!
Keep walking LOW DOWN TRICK!

IF Kenya actually stooped so low as to steal a fellow 90’s alum’s flip phone, then bitch, you deserve every trick insult Vivica hurled on you last night. Also, I’m disappointed that Kenya chose to go with the “ghetto” insults, baby, many of the people who watch and hate you every week on #RHOA are in that same ghetto and look to you and the ladies as a means of escape from their humdrum lives.

Kenya Moore this week (and on that last episode of #RHOA), BITCH YOU LOSE… AGAIN (AND YOU’RE FIRED)!

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