My date with NeNe!

So as we all know NeNe Leakes held a pop-up shop here in Atlanta. The location was a bit haunting for me as I actually worked in the same space that NeNe held her event for another Bravolebrity, and I may or may not have done a bit of filming for the upcoming season of one of my favorite reality shows. However, that’s a different story for a different day (and honey, there are stories).

Chase at NeNe’s Pop-Up Shop

Now, I’m not usually starstruck, and yes I’ve shared my (sometimes unfavorable) opinion on The Queen Bee’s behavior through my recaps of #RHOA, but what I encountered with Linethia was a true, one of a kind experience.

First off, let me say that she is EVERYTHING she comes off as across the screen. Tall, Southern, Dynamic, and a motherfucking BOSS. I entered into the security guarded pop-up shop a bit anxious and didn’t think NeNe would be there, but she definitely was, and sitting across from her trying on a pair of NeNe’s red bottoms was Chuck Smith’s wife, Monique with a Y (Mynique), as NeNe could be heard with her booming voice chastising her for “always wearing the same shit”. Indeed, she does, but I didn’t take it as shade because me being the type of friend I am, I would definitely say something to that affect.

NeNe was a gracious host to all of her fans and ‘lebrity friends who attended while I was there as her tried and true bestie and bridemaid (I couldn’t resist!) Diana Gowins helped me find something for my mother’s upcoming 50th birthday (as my mother damn near lost her mind fangirling for NeNe on the phone while I shopped). I ended up getting a piece from the HSN Collection and honey, I’ll give my mother the item when I see her soon.

I think the most exciting thing about meeting the HBIC was that she actually took time to talk to everyone, sign whatever they bought (or brought), and offered me priceless advice. So I’ll let the cat of the bag, I’ve been filming for different shows around Atlanta, will have reoccurring appearances on a hit show (if they don’t edit my parts out lol), and have another reality venture coming soon that I can’t talk about. Either way, she offered me precious advice, and coming a veteran of the reality TV screen, it was greatly appreciated.

All-in-all, I might read Miss NeNe and the girls for their actions on their respective shows, but this was by far one of the most pleasant interactions I’ve had with a TV starlet in quite some time.

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