Sisters, Songs, SHADE

The sisters are back on WETV with part two of their second season. This time around we see the ladies navigating familiar territory, but baby, will Ms. Taj’s voice be able to pierce the truth which is our ears? Honey, SWV is one of my favorite groups of all time, but the truth is as the truth does. True tea is I’ve never seen it for Taj’s voice, but as long as she’s up there butterflying and cabbage patching to some of the greatest songs of the 90’s then I’m fine with it. I’m STILL devastated that Mathew Knowles kicked LeToya and Latavia to the curb and the teas had it they couldn’t sing (which is false for ONE member), so as long as Coko and Leelee do the singing I really don’t give a damn what Taj is up there doing. Doing sound check, sign language, again I don’t give a damn as long as it’s TAJ who’s the one doing it!

Check out the trailer below

Taj singing like Ashanti, Lelee pregnant, and Coko over it!

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