Dear Demetria McKinney


I dated Roger Bobb, too honey!

Dear Demetria,

Bitch, get your shit together. I know in holy Tyler Perry hell you did not just pop your pussy onto Bravo and think that with a man as infamous as Roger Bobb, that production was not going to give you the biz-ni-e. Now, I know y’all been watching #RHOA just as well as I. I also know you all have eyes that see just as well as mine. I’m also pretty damn sure that you all have brains as well. So what is it that we see, that Janene doesn’t?

Now, before I get into this, don’t get me wrong as I’ve actually met Demetria once. She was super sweet, and I know people who deal or have dealt with her on a regular basis. I am merely commenting as a liason for the viewing public. We’ve gotten to know just a LITTLE bit of this woman over two episodes, her first episode, she attempted to attack Kenya Moore over her love, and this past episode, gets schooled in the art of the “wood work”. Meaning production calling people out of the wood work to spice the show up, and possibly shake up a cast member as well.

You too? Well girl if it’ll get me on, sign me up honey!

Baby, it worked. Ms. Demetria eased on down that sideline hoe road with the grace of ten Diana Ross’ in silver platform Halston heels. All the while Gocha sat there with the hopes of getting a peach. My main gripe with Demetria in this is instance is that it wouldn’t be NOBODY snatching my peach before I’ve gotten a bite. Honey, that’s no tea or shade, that’s the damn truth. Girl, a spot on that show is as gold as it gets. I was in an episode for about 2 or 3 shots and I’m booking small work on the side because of it. I would have sat my pretty lightskin ass right there, ate another one of them jerk chicken wings (because y’all know Kandi’s events are going to have Kandi Koated chicken wings), and called on the spirit of the great Kenya Moore to twirl all over Blue Baby (Gocha) and earn the peach that I was testing out to get. Ain’t nobody got time to be taking tests, and failing them, and this time, we’re gonna have to give you a fail.

Next week Demetria reads Shady Phae Phae with the filth of 1,000 dirty sailor dagger filled tongues, and you better believe that I will be there to watch it, honey!

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